Sunday, July 5, 2009

Typical 3rd floor

Well. Apparently, Blondie won't be a returning character on this blog, she was fired I think. I'll call her tomorrow to check, but she wasn't there Friday or last night.

Last night was ok, really just ok. No flirting at all (typical 3rd floor), but I was working with Cindy, a fun and obviously gorgeous girl. At first, I was with Jessica, but she was pissed to work with me and asked to be changed. Well, actually, it didn't have anything to do with me, she just wanted to work with her friend Stephany. I was all for it! I don't mind Jess, but I hate working with a pissed off barmaid, that's a guaranteed shitty night.

Things are evolving with Mary, slowly but still... Every time she's called to work, she texts me to know if we work together. Unfortunately, we haven't since the last time, a month ago. But we're getting closer. Tonight, she stayed a while after we were both done, just to chat with me. Normally, we all get the hell out as soon as we can, but I had to wait. Pascale was too drunk to get home and wanted to sleep on my couch and she wasn't done counting her cash.

So Mary stayed a bit to chat with me. I then went to the pizza place next door with her, she held my arm the entire way.

When we got out the pizza place, Pascale still hadn't called me, so Mary invited me to sit in her car to wait (it was incredibly cold for a fourth of july). I declined, telling her she was lucky she didn't have to wait and that she should take full advantage of that. This wasn't leading anywhere and I was getting tired and pissed at Pascale for making me wait, I was not in very chatty mood.

It's funny, cause we're getting closer and I know she likes me in a way, but there is no flirt whatsoever. She isn't the flirty type, though. But then again, I made the mistake early on to tell her about my "friend" who's traveling the world for a year… (I'll tell you all about her soon) So maybe she thinks I’m simply not an option. I need to fix this.

She’s so incredibly pretty, I still can’t believe it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ain't this world fabulous?

Last night at the club was fun. I was filling in for someone. So instead of being in my usual spot on the 3rd floor, I was alone at a bar on the second floor.

I often complain that ever since I started working on the 3rd floor, I hardly have any interactions with girls. On the 3rd floor, it’s just booths with no dance floor, so only big groups hang out there. When a cute girl comes to my bar, she orders, smile and leave. Not once, in the last … what 6 months, did I ever have two or three girls, just hanging out at my bar.

For instance, last week, there were those two cute girls, who came to my bar to order Malibu pineapple. The cutest one was quite flirty. They stayed for a minute and said : Oh we love you, we’ll come back a little later. When they came back, it was closing time, the lights were on, and two of their guy friends were waiting, a few steps behind. Not a cool setting.

But yesterday, I was on the second floor, where the HUGE dance floor is.

The very first four girls to enter the club go straight to the dance floor, two of them get up on the speakers to dance on the stripper pole. From where I am, there is no doubt these girls have insane bodies. They look like they’re cute but it’s hard to see, with all the flashing lights.

Later on, two of them come to order at my bar. The cutest one, the one I had spotted earlier in the night is Claudia, the flirty Malibu-drinking girl from last week.

They order, we flirt a bit. One of them orders another drink. She seems to be missing a buck or two, so she’s searching her purse for no more than 15 seconds, when some random girl, with HUGE tits and a somewhat white trash accent asks me how much that girl’s drink is. 7$ I tell her ( I figure she wants to order the same thing), she hands me a 10$, leaves the change on the bar and smiles at the two girls.

Now I’ve seen guys do that to girls more than once, but a girl who just pays for some other girl she doesn’t even know, just like that; that’s a first.

They started hanging the three of them at my bar, ordering shots. The girl with the huge tits – all right, I dunno her name, but let’s call her Tracy, it just seems more appropriate – so Tracy keeps paying. And she’s leaving ridiculous tips, sometimes near the 100% !

My busboy seems to know her, so I ask. Turns out she’s an escort (well she sure tips like an escort). I figure she came to the club alone and wanted some cute friends for the night, so she simply bought them. Ain’t this world fabulous?

Later on, Claudia is at my bar.

Claudia: So what are you willing to do to get a date with me?
Me: What? You mean like I’m the one who has to get YOU? Really?
Claudia: Well actually, I’d like to go on a date with you.

She entered her number in my phone while I poured shots, for the two of us.

I have a date next week! Sweet.