Sunday, July 5, 2009

Typical 3rd floor

Well. Apparently, Blondie won't be a returning character on this blog, she was fired I think. I'll call her tomorrow to check, but she wasn't there Friday or last night.

Last night was ok, really just ok. No flirting at all (typical 3rd floor), but I was working with Cindy, a fun and obviously gorgeous girl. At first, I was with Jessica, but she was pissed to work with me and asked to be changed. Well, actually, it didn't have anything to do with me, she just wanted to work with her friend Stephany. I was all for it! I don't mind Jess, but I hate working with a pissed off barmaid, that's a guaranteed shitty night.

Things are evolving with Mary, slowly but still... Every time she's called to work, she texts me to know if we work together. Unfortunately, we haven't since the last time, a month ago. But we're getting closer. Tonight, she stayed a while after we were both done, just to chat with me. Normally, we all get the hell out as soon as we can, but I had to wait. Pascale was too drunk to get home and wanted to sleep on my couch and she wasn't done counting her cash.

So Mary stayed a bit to chat with me. I then went to the pizza place next door with her, she held my arm the entire way.

When we got out the pizza place, Pascale still hadn't called me, so Mary invited me to sit in her car to wait (it was incredibly cold for a fourth of july). I declined, telling her she was lucky she didn't have to wait and that she should take full advantage of that. This wasn't leading anywhere and I was getting tired and pissed at Pascale for making me wait, I was not in very chatty mood.

It's funny, cause we're getting closer and I know she likes me in a way, but there is no flirt whatsoever. She isn't the flirty type, though. But then again, I made the mistake early on to tell her about my "friend" who's traveling the world for a year… (I'll tell you all about her soon) So maybe she thinks I’m simply not an option. I need to fix this.

She’s so incredibly pretty, I still can’t believe it.

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