Friday, April 24, 2009

who am I?

I’m somewhere in the second half of my 20s. For a long time, I’ve introduced myself as a bartender. I still work the bar, but I also have two other jobs. And I study full time.

I work at one of the biggest nightclub in town. Some very commercial club in the heart of the trendy nightlife area: line-up and cover charge, Top-40 hits, insane light system and bottle service. Really not my kind of place, but it’s easy, it’s fun and I the money is surreal. Oh and I work with some of the hottest girls in the world, but we’ll have plenty of time to discuss this later on.

I also write a weekly column in some big newspaper. It's basically my thoughts and impressions about the city, the nightlife, the bars. I’ve been doing that for 3 years now. People never recognize me from my photo next to the article(which is nice) but when I mention it to them, they always know what I’m talking about. I do try to avoid mentioning it too much though; I had friends or coworkers who couldn't believe they knew me for so long and had never realized I was writing that.

Oh If you’re wondering what kind of national newspaper would give a column to someone who has the syntax of a 7th grader, understand that I don’t write my column in English. English is my second language, though I can say I’m pretty fluent. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog, to practice my writing. And by the way, please feel free and even encouraged to note any mistake I make, I will always appreciate it.

My last job has something to do with kids and teaching. It’s something very rewarding and I won’t discuss it here. Let’s just say it’s a killer when I meet girls and they ask me what I do – especially combined with the other two.

And I study Political Science in University. I dropped out of college the first time around, after high school. For five years, I worked in restaurants and bar, having a blast, living the most crazy experience. But I went back, just to get the degree, just so that I could tape that stupid diploma on my fridge and move on to the next step in my life. A big part of living life without regrets is to plan for it a bit. I see this degree as a safety net: I know I could do just as well without, but you never know… Technically, I study “full time” but this stuff is just plain dumb and easy, it hardly requires more than a fifth of my waken hours.

I live in one of the great cities of the world. It’s a very “happening” town, very cultural, very alive, open minded and laid back. It’s not a strikingly beautiful city, except from a very particular angle or if you know where to look. Life is pretty cheap here compared to most other big cities, so we can afford nice apartments and a bit of luxury. My last apartment was quite similar to this loft my uncle bought for 1.4 Million US in Manhattan. It didn't cost more thant 700$US a month. The girls here are the most beautiful in the world; especially at this time of year, after the winter, when they dig deep in their drawers to get those mini-skirts.

Girls will be a main topic on this little-bit-of-web, if not the main topic. I love flirting, I love romance and I truly love girls. I love them all, brunette blond or red, young or old, from the girl who’ll come home with me on the first night to the one who’ll make me work for weeks. And I’m pretty good with them too.

I’ve been in one serious relationship in my life. I’m not afraid of commitment, far from it, but I never felt the rush to jump in an ill-fitting relationship either. I also like to date casually and let things evolve, which weeds out imminent failures. So I played the whole boyfriend thing quite well and ended up heartbroken and quite broke too. Time did its thing and then I started seeing an awesome girl, who left for a year to travel around the world.

As for who I really am, what I like? I like to meet people, I like to talk. I like to go out for dinner and for a drink or five. In restaurants, I’ll always sit at the bar. I love road trips and old mellow music. I love bourbon and rye. I love to cook, but don’t get to do it nearly enough now that I’m single. I’m extremely curious and I love to learn about everything.

I wear flip flops all summer long but you’ll never see me in shorts. I’m an optimistic guy who yet loves to criticize. I have strong and deep opinions about most things, but I don’t impose 'em on others. If it comes down to it, I might prefer getting along over being right. I try to be very considerate, polite and respectful with people and I’m not afraid to say I’m sorry when I screw up and truly mean it. I prefer people with a good sense of humour over people with great intelligence.

Why does this reads like I just posted a personal on some eharmony website?

Regular characters on this little-bit-of-web.

Harry: Harry’s one of my two best friends. We met each other at this bar/supperclub where we worked. Him and me, we made the best team ever behind the bar. We could turn a party on just like one flips a switch. We had massive fun, it was obvious, and people wanted to join in on that fun. He’s also the best party partner, always up for anything, always high energy and very outgoing. He’s constantly travelling around the world, but he’s in town right now for another month.

Brad: Brad’s my other best friend. We’ve been best friends since we were born, literally. He’s way more family than most of my family. He could leave for 10 years, comeback, and we’d pick up just where we left. He’s extremely handsome but deprived of any confidence with girls. Lucky for him, he’s so handsome that every time he was single, a hot, hot girl would try to meet him and do all the work. He lives with his girlfriend, a very very pretty girl, very sweet, whom I like a lot. He owns a business which takes 6 days out of his week. On Saturdays, he tries to see his girlfriend, me and his 250 other friends. Yet he always manage to find some room in his schedule for a dinner with me.

Scarlett: She’s a friend and colleague from the newspaper. We always go out together to check out new spots. She lives with her boyfriend, a guy I really like and respect. She’s a real platonic friend, we never even kissed. She’s friends with all the late-20s trendsetter girls in town, she’s always aware of the new club opening, the big DJ coming in the city or the last minute loft party.

Blondie: She’s my partner at the club, we’ve been working the same bar for over two months now. She also happens to be, in my humble opinion, the hottest barmaid in the club and that’s not a small thing to say. We’re very close, but we live in different universes.