Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A lesson well ... wait ... what again?

All right this sucks. If only it were the first time…

One would think that it’s not particularly hard to verify in advance the date and time of an exam. One would think that I'd learn the lesson, after missing an exam last year because I simply thaught it was the week after, which meant I had to wait for over 3 hours at the appointment free clinic to get a doctor’s note.

Apparently not.

This morning, I woke up early to write my column and prepare myself for my economics exam. By preparing myself, I basically mean printing out all the notes I took on my laptop during class. It’s an open book exam.

So at 11h00, I go check on the University’s website what classroom my exam’s in. And there I saw it. Date : today. Time: 8h30 am. I'm sure you all know this feeling, this feeling like your heart literally just did a backflip.

Thankfully, I’m actually pretty sick, I’ve been having a sore throat all week and it sometimes put quite intense pressure on my eardrums.

So right now, I’m writing this in the University clinic’s waiting room. I’ll have to tell the doc the pain in my ears this morning was debilitating. The fact that it’s an open book exam might make it seem a little more legit, as no one really needs more time to study for an open book.

Just to make sure my throat would look really soar, I smoked a couple of joints and cigarettes this morning before coming to the clinic.

So once again, I’ll get out of trouble. Maybe that’s the reason why I can’t seem to learn from my mistakes.

But it still sucks, to be stuck in this waiting room without a wireless signal, the only pretty girl went it and left already. Oh and it’ll definitely suck to have to come on a nice day of late may to do this exam.


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There's a mistake in your title mofo!


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