Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So apparently

So apparently, I have swimmer's ear. And I've had it for a week.

In more severe or untreated cases, the infection can spread to the soft tissues of the face that surround the adjacent parotid gland and the jaw joint, making chewing painful. Wiki

Yeah, most definitely. That’s what happened.

It’s not only chewing, it’s swallowing or moving my tongue around that’s painful. That might cause a problem this week-end.

So I now have these drops, that I must put twice a day. 40 bucks for that tiny bottle. I just hope the drops will be enough now that the infection spread. I’ll call the health hotline later tonight to find out.

It should be over by next week-end. I’m going to New York with my friend Harry. We arrive at Newark at 8h15 am on Thursday and leave at noon on Sunday. A long week-end of mad party. Like I said, Harry is the best party buddy to have around, we’re gonna take over Manhattan. I got a friend who works at some trendy cocktail lounge, he’s got a lady friend with unfinished business. My rich uncle also has an apartment there and is usually there on week-ends, we’ll try to go out to dinner with him. When I went to see him in Washington, he took my (ex-)girlfriend and I twice to insanely expensive restaurants. And he actually did the same when I went to seem him in Paris, a few years ago.

We’re staying at the Carter Hotel, one of the creepiest in Manhattan. But it’s cheap and it’s right on Time Square. Harry’s never been to NY and I think waking up in Time Square every morning will make the experience that much more intense.

Can’t. Freakin. Wait.

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