Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can you say random?

And yet another drunk post. I don’t even know why I’m mentionning it, it seems to be getting the rule more than the exception.

So I just finished my semester today. Well thecnically, cause I still have a paper to turn in which is already more than a week late and I have to redo the exam for which I didn’t bother to show up. But “technically” finishing school for the summer is a good a reason as any to celebrate.

Plus, my good friend Louis-Jose, this bartender from France with whom I worked at The Drinkery finally came back, after a few months exile in his mother land, to settle here for good.

So I joined him at The Drinkery after work, Harry was at the bar.

Normally, everytime I go to The Drinkery, I end up talking to all the girls around me at the bar. But not tonight. Tonight was about being with my boys.

Louis-Jose leaves cause he has a dinner with his roomate. We must admit it, the guy is quick. He landed late last night and he’s already got a roomate and dinner to attend.

I stay bymyself at the bar, which is no biggie cause at The Drinkery, I’m never actually by myself.

Harry takes a 5 min break so we can go smoke a cigarette outside.

Some girl on a bicycle is coming toward us. I look at her the same way I look at every pretty girl that crosses my sight. She keeps looking at me and just when she gets close, she goes : NO WAY! And she stops.

Ok. Now this cute girl obviously knows me. And she does look familiar. But I have no idea where I’ve seen her before. Did she come at The Drinkery when I was working there, did I go somewhere she works, do I know her from school? I have no idea.

So yes, she’s from school. But from highschool. This is a girl I haven’t seen in 9 years.

As a teenager, I lived in a small provincial town, some two hour drive away from the city.

So we chat a bit. Harry and I both finish our cigarette, he rushes back in; he’s working.

I stay with her to chat some more. It’s pretty nice to be able to just stay outside at night without running for a coat.

Conversation isn’t exactly stale, but it isn’t flowing easily either. It’s hard to play catch up with someone you haven’t seen since you were a kid. And that you didn’t even know that much back then.

She tells me: We used to hate each other in our moral and ethics class (the class that atheists take instead of religion) I say: Well I know I could be a jerk but I don’t remember hating you.

We keep talking for a while, she just quit her job. Like today. And she just left her boyfriend. Like yesterday. I invite her inside for a drink. I don’t know if she’s gonna say yes. The Drinkery is not pretentious but it’s still upsale and quite pricey. And there’s something a little hippie about her looks. But then again, she used to work at the most prestigious jewel shop in town. I don’t know any jewel shop, but I know this one.

She comes in with me. I buy her a drink, something I never do.

So we keep talking. I start pulling the moves; teasing her, touching her when I make a joke… She has those amazing sparkling blue eyes. And I still have no fucking idea who she is.

The subtext is loud and clear: we both insist on the fact that we like to have fun and that we’re not looking for a long term relationship at the moment.

We go outside for a cigarette. It’s raining so we stand on the porch, next door, in a little cove that offers some slight privacy. And I go for it. I just say: I’m gonna do somethhing I wanted to do for a while now. And I kiss her.

It’s intense, it’s passionate, it’s “live the moment” as it can be. It lasts for a good 10 minutes. Tension rises even more, she’s almost groaning, now. I pull my usual line: Ok I want you too much now, I’ll have to kidnap you.

“Not the time of the month” she says. Damn! When I was a kid, this used to be my curse. Everytime I thaught I was getting lucky, the plane crashed the mountain because of that. But it hadn’t happen to me in years.

She’s supposed to come over for dinner in the middle of the week. I’m not sure we’ll make it pass the apetizers.

How random was that?

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