Thursday, June 11, 2009

A cheap and fun night

Tonight, I went to dinner with Brad at this restaurant in Yuppie Town. This part of town is quite literally a suburb but for yuppies.

It’s only condos and townhouses, it’s located near downtown, but it’s a suburb in the sense that there was nothing there 25 years ago. It’s not a part of town that grew organically, it’s just a huge upscale development project with a grocery store and a few restaurants. And it’s completely secluded; one road to get it, one road to get out.

That’s where Brad actually grew up. His family moved there like 12 years ago, when Yuppie town was barely blossoming.

And that restaurant was on his way home. I might have passed in front of it a thousand times and it never occurred to me to go there. It always looked pretty sketchy. There were hardly ever more than 5 or 6 cars in the parking lot, but they were always S class Mercedes or Bentleys or Porshes.

But tonight, I actually had to go.

Turns out, my boss at The Club also owns this restaurant.

I have many bosses at The Club. A 3-story, multimillion dollar club in the trendy part of town is never owned by only one person. Now I’ve never looked at the shareholder’s chart, but I’m pretty sure that Mohamed, a 45 years old bonafide gangster, owns the bulk of it all. By all, I mean the 3 different multimillion dollar clubs. Oh, and a stripclub also.

So Mohamed owns this restaurant. It totally makes sense. I had actually heard of the legendary Mohamed who owns this place, when I was working in another restaurant nearby. I heard he once literally threw out bitchy customers (and they’re legions in Yuppie Town), cause they were condescending with their waiters.

Yeah so tonight, I had to come here.

I don’t know exactly what’s the point behind those nights, but once in a while, the staff at The Club have to go out altogether to some restaurant. It’s normally a restaurant owned by the friends of our bosses or owned by our bosses like tonight. And it’s always free.

The dinner is always free and the wine is always something like “wine store price + 5$” (normally, the markup here on wine at the restaurant is around 250%... sometimes more).

I guess the whole point is to launder money… and it might win you a few new customers as a bonus.

So Brad came with me, cause I also had to bring someone. I wasn’t sure he’d be up for it.

Now I know that for some of you, a paid dinner at a somewhat upscale restaurant is not such a burden. Especially when you’ll be spending the night with amazingly hot barmaids.

But these hot barmaids, as pretty and attractive as they might be, they come from and live in a totally different universe than Brad and I.

Every Saturday, at The Club, I meddle with these utmost superficial people with whom I don’t have anything in common, the beautiful people, and I get paid awesome money to do so. But I don’t know if my friends are into such a sociological experience.

And don’t get me wrong, I say they’re superficial, but most girls I work with at the club are great persons, considerate and thoughtful, most guys are fun and trustworthy, I love them all. I don’t want to sound like some elitist fuck who despises the people he surrounds himself with. I enjoy these guys’ company, I’m just not sure my friends would.

But then again, if there’s one guy who I know I can bring ANYWHERE and not only will he fit in, but he’ll also make a great impression on everyone, it’s Brad. From a fortune 500 CEO benefit dinner to an ice fishing week-end with a bunch of truckers.

This restaurant is known to have the most beautiful patio in town, with gardens and waterfalls. But it was raining, so we sat inside.

Brad actually enjoyed himself, and so did I.

Not only was the dinner free, but another one of my boss sitting with us ordered like 4 bottles of a very decent Italian wine, the Carpineto Farnito. Brad and I ended up ordering a bottle of my all time favourite wine, the Zenato ripassa.

The celery root and pear soup was simply amazing. The braised veal cheeks sucked ass. I didn’t really mind though. Every time I go to the restaurant, I’m hardly hungry when the main course arrive. After a few drinks and an appetizer, I’m good.. I can’t remember the last time I finished a plate at the restaurant.

The guestlist girl was totally over Brad. She’s not insanely pretty, but she has the body and the sex appeal of a porn star. I would have given her 21 or 22. She’s 18. Which means that not so long ago, she was 17 and didn’t look much different. That’s unsettling

With the staff from our other bosses club, we were around 40, occupying most of the restaurant. Beside us, there was a couple in their sixties. The man constantly looked around. He seemed pretty amazed by the fact that all the girls in the room were at the very least beautiful, but mostly top model material.

After dinner, Brad drove me home and came up for a joint.

A fun and cheap night!

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