Monday, June 15, 2009

That makes more sense

Last night at The Club was fun.

Apparently, Blondie is no longer my partner. I’m with a new girl every time now. Last night, I was working with Mary, a barmaid I find incredibly pretty. She looks classy and elegant, though she really isn’t! She has fake boobs, which I hate, but hers are still human sized.

I played my usual nice but indifferent attitude. We’ll see where this goes, but so far, The Club has never proven a source of disappointment in that matter..

A girl I really like came to the club tonight. I’m not even sure she knew I was working there, she looked as surprised as I was. She works with me at my teaching job, she’s a beautiful medical student, smart, funny, flirty, witty. Her name is Claire. I always engage in flirting at work, but I still keep my distances. I’d probably fall in love with a girl like that.

Next Friday is our end of the school year party and we’re all supposed to go to The Club. We’ll see how things are in a non-working environment.

I was at The Drinkery with her good friend Julie just earlier this week. Julie is a friend of Chuck, Brad’s brother, and she was there with him. She was worried she wouldn’t know anyone at the party.

Julie: I don’t have any friends there. You have plenty of friends.
Me: actually, you have Claire, I only have Brad (he’s actually our boss at this job)
Julie: But you always talk to people
Me: yes, but we don’t exactly hang out on week-ends, are you really that antisocial?
Me: Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be your best friend there for the whole night, it’ll be great.
Julie: Watch me follow you around everywhere.
Me: Is that a promise?

Ok that was slick, but that’s not exactly keeping my distances. I made friends with Julie, Claire’s best friend. And I framed the situation so that I’ll actually be making Julie a favor, by hanging out with them all night. Bad me.

So yeah, it was a little funny to see Claire in that environment. She’s used to seeing me with kids and there I was, flipping bottle next to a model with fake tits.

Funny anecdote: At one point in the night, one of the managers comes and gives me one of those little plastic tubes, in which they sell individually wrapped flavored cigarillos. It’s unsealed. “Here, a customer gave me this”.

Because that’s what I normally use these things for, I assume it’s a joint. Yé!

I’m in the office with another manager and Mary, counting my cash at the end of the night, when I decide to check that thing out.

I open it and in my hand falls a tiny bit of chalk, the exact size of the bits teachers used to throw at me when I was a kid. I’m thinking, now why would someone give me a piece of chalk. I touch it and it collapses.

Oh… it’s cocaine. That makes more sense.

I have NO IDEA how much that is, how much it’s worth or anything about it. I hate coke, I despise it and I don’t touch that shit.

Being me, I still kept it. It’s tucked away, somewhere safe. Just in case someone comes over and wants to do some blow, a good host would never refuse that.

Does your boss hand you over cocaïne, just like that, thinking he'll make you happy? My life is weird.

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