Monday, June 1, 2009

The greatest ally

One of my greatest ally in terms of meeting women, the greatest wing man of all time is patience and also maybe a little faith in destiny.

Sure, sometimes, when the stars align, when everything falls into place, you can spend the night with a girl you just met.

But that’s the exception more than the rule. Most times, you just have to wait.

That’s how it happened with my good friend who’s halfway around the world saving orphans, literally. Had I tried to pull a move on the first night we met, I would have never seen her tattoo. But I flirted, waited and trusted my good friend, the destiny. And one night, the night she came alone at the bar, without her friends, when she knew me enough to be completely comfortable with me, I was there.

That night, over three years ago I joined her near the DJ when things had settled down enough for my partner to finish the night alone at the bar. I was just being my usual flirty self and at one point, she tells me: Wow, you’re really doing everything so that I can’t resist you tonight!

All this brings us to last fall, when I started school. There was this girl which I immediately noticed. I’m pretty sure half the students on campus noticed her, girls included. She would always wear mini skirts or short shorts. She let us enjoy the sight of her legs late into fall, even when the temperature was plummeting.

On the first few days, I managed to meet her, but kept my usual indifference. Her name is Julia.After a while, things started to be a little more flirty between us, but always light and playful. Then Christmas came.

During the winter semester, we had no classes together and barely even ran into each other in the hallways.

Just like that, two weeks before the end of the semester, I sent her a facebook email.

Title: It’s the time of spring and mini skirts
What’s up cutie
As soon as we’re done with this bitch of a semester what do you say we go have a real mohito at The Drinkery to celebrate spring?

She answered
Mini skirts eh? ; p
For a mohito, anytime

Then, when the semester was over, I dropped her another facebook email.

So, this mohito, when does it happen?

She never answered that one.

Now most guys would have been a little hurt by this, a few would have even confronted her with her this silence, probably trying to make her feel bad in the process, thus ruining their chances of ever seeing her again, her or any of her girlfriends for that matter.

Me? I really don’t care. You come, we have fun. You don’t come, I’ll figure out a way to have fun anyways. And I’ll still be as nice and flirty the next time I’ll se you, no hard feelings whatsoever.

Tonight, just before I went to bed, I checked my facebook page. One new email. It’s her.
She replied to my message, like I just sent it yesterday, and not 20 days ago.

“As soon as possible. I’m now completely addicted to mohitos. I’ll be in the area tomorrow night after work. You avaaaaaaaaaaaailable? Here’s my cell number…”.

I actually have my stupid exam tomorrow, from 6:30 to 9 pm, the one I missed a few weeks ago. Maybe 9 will not be too late for her. I don’t know what after work means. If she’s still a waitress, 9 might actually be a little too early.

But whatever happens tomorrow, I now have her cell number. And she gave it to me. Now I can send her a text message, once in a while, to suggest something fun, with the same “be there or be square” subtext.

Oh did I mention she won’t turn 20 until the end of the year? I know what I said, but that plan was set in motion almost a year ago, way before that resolution was ever taken.

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