Saturday, June 13, 2009

Could have been worst

I haven't written much this week. I got a new phone, the HTC Magic and all of my "online" time has pretty much been spent on setting up the phone (enter all 150 contact numbers, set up email accounts, download programs, setup rss reader...).

It's pretty much an iphone except it's better cause it's no iphone. I fucking hate macs. The only real difference, is that if I go to your place and you got a song I like on your computer, I can just put in it in and listen to it right away. My phone is not locked up with my itunes at home (which is good, cause I don't have iTunes and certainly don't want it). I know there are ways around this, but that's what I hate about macs and ipods in particular, they're specifically engineered to be less convenient than they could be.

I guess I have to find new music to listen to now. Some old Joni Mitchell or Cohen that I know by heart is just fine as background music when I invite a girl over, but blasted at full volume while I'm in the subway or on my bike... meh.

Speaking of bike, I finally got around to go get my bike. Last Saturday, I took my bicycle to go work at The Club. It's pretty much downhill all the way which makes this idea even more stupid. Like there was ANY way I'd get on that bike at 5 in the morning, tired and still a little drunk. The bicycle stayed right where it was and I shared a cab with Blondie.

It was cold and rainy all week, so I never got a change to get my bike back. It's like there was a curse. Thursday night, I went out with Scarlett in this trashy gay club, in the village. They had completely redone the place and they had invited us to check it out. I was supposed to take my bike to get home, but it started raining HARD just as we got out the club.

Anyhow, so I finally got around to retrieve my bike. And I had my first face plant. It could have been worst, WAY worst. It was at low speed, I was manoeuvring through immobilized cars in traffic and I made a turn a little too sharp and pulled on the front brake a little too hard. I flew right over the handle bars.

My left wrist is sore and so is my right knee, but besides that I'm ok. I completely fucked up my rear shifter though. It was bent across the wheel, I had to bend it back using my hands, so that I could still ride it to the bike shop. Some nice woman with a kid in a stroller offered me a wet wipe she had in a Ziploc bag to get all the grease off my hands.

I doubt they'll be able to save that shifter, but when I think of my friend who just had a rear taxi door flung open on his path and who broke a finger, I think I'm pretty lucky.


Oh and there's this nice little video I took in the park the other day with my newfound camera that I want to post here. But I need to edit it a bit (mainly cut the beginning off) and I need to get familiar with adobe premiere.

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J said...

With the new Iphone you could edit your video right on your phone. Just kiddin you know how much I hate Ipods two.