Monday, May 25, 2009

Just ok - part 2

For part one, go here.

So last night, Scarlett came to see me at The Club with Marianne and her friends.

One of these girls is really cute, I mean really really cute. I’ve never seen her before. Turns out she’s Marianne’s best friend so we better forget about her.

Later on, Jenny comes to the bar. I’m surprised and quite happy to see her. At this point, I’m more than tipsy and Blondie, my beloved partner behind the bar, is completely wasted. She’s hardly doing anything, but I don’t care, I’m not very busy myself.

Around 2:30, Sara, the hot blonde waitress, comes up to my bar to flirt a bit. Blondie and I are the first ones upstairs in the office to count the cash, so by 3:30, we’re back at the bar to clean it. Sara is there, she’s as wasted as Blondie. The two girls inevitably start talking about their breasts and their nipples in particular.

Meanwhile, Nate, a 50 years old manager, is counting my liquor bottles and Marco, the busboy, is filling back my fridges. Both girls are sitting on the bar, still talking about their nipples. Many girls at The Club have fake boobs and most of the ones who don’t wish they had. These two wish they had. I tried to convince them that it’s nonsense and that fake boobs suck anyways but it’s a lost cause. Anyhow, Sara convinces Blondie to show all of us her nipple by first showing hers. I know she’s doing that specifically to turn me on and it’s totally working. I’ve probably seen every pair of underwear Blondie has, since she has trouble remembering to keep her legs closed when she’s wearing short short dresses, and I’ve even seen her just in her panties and bra, but I had never seen her nipple. Until last night. Meh… just another night at the bar.

The two girls were harassing Nate for a bottle a champagne. For a little while, he made them believe he’d get one and then he just disappeared.

I tell Sara: “Wanna come over to my place? I have plenty to drink.” As I’m saying that, she’s sitting on my bar and I’m in front of her, with my hands on each side of her tights, way up. At this very second, Pascale walks by us, coming down from the office. She goes down one more floor to go clean her bar.

I’m so busted. Forget that whole gentleman player bullshit, this definitely lacks class.

I go down first, say good night to Pascale, and wait for Sara on the curb. She comes down less than a minute later. I doubt Pascale was fooled.

In the cab, I receive a text message. Here’s the exchange that followed in the cab and at my place, while I was talking to Sara.

Pascale: Do you play the same number to every girl?
Me: A number? I don’t play any number
P: Ah… sorry then
Me: You ok?
P: It’s relative
Me: ?
P: Sara?
Me: Forget about that. It’s late, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Most girl would be completely intrigued as to who would send me these many text messages at 4 in the morning. But people at the club live for their phone, they constantly receive hundreds of text messages after closing time. I never do, but for Sara it seemed totally normal… I don’t think she even noticed.

Sara was insane in bed. I won’t get into crude details cause that’s not what we do here at WnC, but she demanded things you’d normally have trouble convincing a girl to do. Unheard of.

But now I have to fix this with Pascale. I still want her as a friend, she’s fun and all.

Seriously, I need to get away from younger girls now. Unless they throw themselves at me in a strictly sexual kind of way, like Sara just did.

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