Saturday, May 30, 2009

A kiss and a smile

She’s standing in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing nothing but a pair of tight boxers, some tiny pair I bought a while ago without trying them on and that I now keep for this specific purpose.

I take a last good look at her endless legs, at her small perky breasts. We’re going to bed, for good this time. It’s passed 5 in the morning. I just changed the bed sheets.

Her, looking in her purse: I had no idea I’d end up here tonight, I don’t have anything with me.

She pulls a pack of gum from that tiny black purse. I think she’s seriously considering the idea of using that sugar-free gum as a toothbrush.

I grab her around the waist, kiss her in the neck and gently move her to the side. I open the cabinet under the sink. I take out a new toothbrush, a bottle of make-up remover and the little cotton tampons. And a hair elastic.

Me: Here. Oh and if you need to pluck your eyes out, there’s some contact lens solution and the little case to store them in there as well.

Her: you know… most guys I know have a hard time buying toilet paper.

Me: Well, a lady’s gotta be treated like a lady, don’t you think?

Her with a slightly malicious smile on her face: … you really love women don’t you? I mean, you really actually love them... you’re a rare kind.

Me: And what kind is that?

Her: The kind that you love with all your heart for a night and that you set free the next morning, with a kiss and a smile.

Me: I don’t feel especially imprisoned right now.

Her: oh you will. I might not look like so, but I’m insanely jealous.

Me: … well come closer for now, the sun is not up yet.

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