Sunday, May 17, 2009

A triangle?

Tonight was fun.

Not only did I make a shitload of money, but I also got to flirt a bit.

Bartending is all about meeting girls and being the center of attention. But at The Club, I always work on the third floor. On the third floor, there’s only groups of friends. People come to the bar to order a drink and go straight back to their friends. I never have two or three girls who just hang out all night at my bar.

But tonight, for some reason, I got some attention.

There was this cute young girl. She’s cute but she knows it way too much. She orders shots. As I take the empty shots, I throw them in the air, catch one up high and the other one below, behind my back. It’s a slick move that’s fun and easy to do.

She goes, a little bit cocky: Hey! You stop that. Now just give me 3 shots of Tequila.
Me, with a huge smile on my face: Hey pumpkin, you don’t talk to me like that… just won’t work. Now what can I do you for? Still with a big smile on my face
Her: … oh… I’m sorry… ok. Could I have three shots of tequila please?
Me: you got it cutie.

She gave me like 10 bucks of tips for her three shots, and just because I turned her right around when she started being bitchy. She ordered all night at my bar, even kissing me on the cheeks a few times.

Then there was this cute girl who was obviously not from here but I couldn’t tell for my life where she’s from. Somewhere between Morocco and Indonesia, I’d say.

She starts arguing about something, I don’t remember what, but it’s playful. I get into it. One of her friends, or maybe even her boyfriend, comes right next to her and puts his arm around her shoulder. Pretty pathetic defensive move. I seize the opportunity and whisper in her ear, while the other looser still has his arm around her: Wow, he’s very possessive your friend. She goes “yeah”, with a face that says : tell me about it!

A few minutes later she orders something, she looks at me and says: Can I tell you something? You’re kinda cute.

Me: Can I tell you something? Right back at you.

But that’s nothing.


On my last post, I was telling you about Sara, the hot, tall, blonde waitress who was overly flirty a few weeks ago, right in front of the other cute barmaid, Pascale, who’s coming over for dinner Monday night.

Tonight, Pascale was filling in once again and Sara was serving the booths right next to her bar. They hung out the whole night.

Around 2:30 am, when we’re both tipsy, Sara comes up to my bar to get something. Just as she walks behind the bar, I look at her and say: God you’re hot.

She looks at me with a are you for real? look on her face and says: You know I kinda want you, right?

I look at her with my typical Oooh, that’s hot face.

And then she says: Now why didn’t you ask me my number and took me out for dinks? Why did you go with Pascale last night?

It’s not exactly playful anymore, I mean there's still a lot of sexual tension, she touches me while she says this, but she actually looks a bit hurt.

I tell her: Now wait. First, I added you on facebook, and I asked if you were coming to the staff night, a few weeks ago, hoping you’d be there, and you never answered. Second of all, Pascale is a friend. She’s the one who started talking to me, and yes I did have drinks with her last night, but I didn’t try to take her home. You… on the other hand…

She looks at me with a yeah, yeah, keep talking kind of face, but I can see she buys into my logics.

When the club is closed, she comes over to my bar when I’m alone to smoke a cigarette. I go straight back to building sexual tension.

Me: you know, I actually can’t wait to see you again. I wanted you since the first time I saw you.

Her: yeah right, bullshit!

Me: for real, my friends have heard of Sara, this hot, tall, blonde waitress at The Club.

Her, sill pretending to not buy it, but obviously flattered: yeah yeah…

And then I grab her, pull her close and kiss her. The new busboy, who was on his very first shift, was coming up the stairs at the very same time. He turned right around. Good boy.

Her: Oh, and I must confess something, I think I said something I shouldn’t have earlier.

Me: go on…

Here’s how she told me the conversation went:

Her: So I basically have three options to have sex tonight, this cute friend of my ex, the soccer player (from a BIG team, which we won’t name cause we’re classy here at WnC) and this other guy you don’t know.

Pascale: who’s that other guy?

Her: You don’t know him.

Pascale: He works here doesn’t he?

Her: No, you don’t know him!

Pascale: It’s Alex isn’t it?

Her: yeah kinda.


I ask her: Why did she jump to me right away?

She says: well cause earlier, when she told me she went to have a drinks with you last night, I might have been a little surprised, and maybe asked a little to much about it.

Her: Really? He invited you? How was it? Do you two like each other?

Pascale: Well he’s nice, but I’m not sure he’s interested in me.

Her: Yeah, that’s Alex…


And then she tells me: Well it looks like Pascale liked you, so it’s wide open.

I act like I didn’t even hear that and I say, looking her straight in the eyes: We’ll see each other soon princesse… and I can’t wait. But now I have to clean my bar. Good night.

What is awesome about this story is that I’m not that pretty. I mean I guess I’m cute, if you’re looking for it, but these girl wouldn’t even notice me if I walked pass them in the street.

But what’s really awesome about this situation, is that this morning, Pascale was thinking: wow, what a gentleman, he didn’t try to get me home or anything, he just wanted to have a good time.

And tonight, she’s thinking….. well why the hell didn’t he try to bring me home? Am I not cute enough, why would he prefer Sara?

Seriously… I can’t say this enough. I love my life.

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