Sunday, May 31, 2009

Very sad

It was two weeks ago. Blondie and I had just arrived at the Club and were slowly setting up our bar.

The minute she saw me that night, she said : I have something to tell you.

A few minutes later, when we were alone, she told me to come over. In her purse, she was holding a positive pregnancy test.

I never thought that one day I’d be so happy to have never slept with her.

I’m so grateful to live in a country where girls can get a free and discreet abortion. Blondie will probably make a great mother someday, but definitely not today. She’s still a self-absorbed kid with absolutely no sense of responsibility.

The only time she had unprotected sex was when she slept with her ex a little while ago. And she took the morning after pill. But these pills are not fail proof.

I’m talking about this because I saw the news about this American abortion doctor who was shot in church and it makes me incredibly sad. I have the utmost respect for doctors who perform abortions. These doctors aren’t monsters, they took the Hippocrate oath live every other doctor, they probably have more respect for human life than any of us. I’m sure they struggle with this choice their whole life, but in the end, they understand the fact that the right to a decent life is more important than the right to life.

Sure, it is remotely possible that if Blondie were to keep that kid, he’d grow up to be good person and live a happy life. But if we’re gonna give right of life to the unborn, why stop at the fetus. If Blondie were to have this kid right now, she’d be denying life to another kid, one she would have latter, one with much, much higher chances of having a happy life, a stable life filled with love.

I understand that some women simply can’t live with that idea and believe they should have the kid regardless. And I have great respect for that too as I believe it takes immense courage to raise a kid when you’re nothing but ready. And that’s why it’s called pro-choice.

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